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I Like Having My Disability Checks Directly Deposited

Raven - Wamsutter, WY

"I like the convenience of not having to carry cash and having my disability checks deposited. I don't have to worry about them getting lost in the mail or finding somewhere to cash them."

I Don't Have to Go to the Bank

Dustin - Bangor, ME
"It's easier than going to the bank to cash a check. I'm able to use it online, and it can be easier than carrying cash."

Use it to Pay Bills

Bertha - Salt Lake City, UT
"I pretty much use it to pay my bills, and for cash withdrawal when necessary. There no high fees like a checking account or major credit card."

I like its Accessibility!

Terrance - Baltimore, MD
"I like its accessibility; I can go to ATM, receive my direct deposit, and also make purchases with my card.

Easy to Add Funds

James - San Diego, CA

"I love how easy it is to add funds almost anywhere I go."

Safe and Quicker

Thomas - Cambridge, OH
"It makes getting my benefit check safe and quicker; there is no waiting on the mailman or worries of my check getting stolen."

Great for Traveling

Charlie - Tucker, IL

"A great card for purchasing and for traveling."

SMS and Email Notifications

Leslie - Fort Lupton, CO

"I like the choice of text and/or email notification."

No Worry of Over Spending

Jeana - Troy, LA

"I think it's good for me. I can use it over the phone and on the internet without the worry of over spending."

Keeps Money Secure!

Arlyce - Hampton, VA
"I don't like cash on hand, so it was nice for me."

Carte , The Real Pros!

Martin - McHenry, IL

"I think its the best prepaid card out there. I've had bad luck with other cards-I've loaded elsewhere. And it is re loadable unlike most prepaid cards. Your online website is all I need to track all my transactions and balances. That's all I've ever asked for from other cards, but couldn't get out of them. It was like pulling teeth. I even called the customer service number to thank you guys for the way you do business. Carte , the real pros at giving their customers what they want."

Convenience of Putting Money on My Card

Terri - Shreveport, LA

"I like the convenience of putting money on my card. I usually go to Wal-mart to do most of my shopping; so it is very convenient to be able to load my card where I shop, and not have to make special trips to a business to load my card."

Good for Emergencies

Evonne - Nashville, TN
"It is good thing to have for emergencies."

Easy to Use

Stephanie - Billings, MT
"I like how easy it is to use."

Accepted Everywhere I Shop

Terri - Lacrosse, WI
"It is accepted everywhere I shop, which makes it very convenient for me."

Receive My Check Direct Deposit

Glenda - Gibson City, IL

"Very convenient and it is nice to be able to receive my check direct deposit"

Easy Login!

Corina - Columbia, MO

"It's easy to log into my account to receive my balance."

No Need to Carry Cash

Teresa - Richmond, VA

"The convenience of carrying money without it being cash, and being able to make purchases online."

Easy to Use and Easy to Load

Lisa - Tucson, AZ

"I like my card because it is easy to use and easy to load. with no hidden fees ."

What is the Best Part of Having an Carte

Joseph - Central, SC

"The fact that whenever I need a credit card, I can use the Carte to pay for it.  I don't have to worry about remembering when I get my bill, because the money is already on the card."




No Overdraft Fees!

Lester - Lithonia, GA
"The bank I was with charged me a $35 overdraft fee, because I wrote a check for $0.60 cents more than I had in my account!"

Never Have to Carry Cash

Anthony - Providence, RI
"I never have to carry cash."

Takes care of Everything!

Lynn - Ranchita, CA
"I like the ease of it, not having to carry cash, and the ability to pay my bills online or by phone."

I'm Able to Buy Online

Shelly - Ponca city, OK

"I enjoy being able to buy online"

Nice to Have When Shopping Online

Kenney - Bowie, MD
"It's nice to have when shopping online."

Shopping Online Will Never Be an Issue!

Janele - Bakersfield, CA
"I like the convenience of loading my card at the many stores where I regularly shop. The fee for the GreenDot reload card is only $4.95.  I like knowing shopping online will never be an issue, because it is accepted by everyone. It is safer using a card that you can limit the amount of funds to only what you need to use at that time."

Use It for Online Purchases

Charlene - Chicago, IL

"I can use it for online purchases."

This is the Best PrePaid Card

Tina - Merdian, MS

"I love the convenience of online shopping, online account balance inquiry, and online bank statements. As a Minister I preach about second chances all the time. Carte is hands-down the best when it comes to getting a second chance at financial stability."
Pastor Iymarie - Huntsville, AL

"I was unable to get a checking account and got the Carte prepaid card. Now, new purchasing doors have opened to me..."
Leisa - Locust Grove, GA

"...I love the fact that you can use MoneyGram to deposit money on your card and also direct deposit your paycheck onto the card."
Laurie - Azusa, CA

"I have my paycheck direct deposited onto the card every payday, there are no more trips to the bank, and I no longer spend money on expensive check cashing fees."
Sara - Franklin, TN

"Now my check is available on my prepaid card when I get up in the morning on pay day."
Maryclare - Wichita, KS

"When my job required direct deposit I needed a safe easy way to get my money…and Carte did that for me. I love it."
Jessica - Lake Geneva, WI

"I found my Carte card so easy to use. No hassle over charges, no late night phone calls, and the money is easy to deposit..."
Jennifer - Kingston, NH

" Carte makes banking easy for me. I get a balance statement daily and can pay my bills online. What else could you ask for?"
Vorriece - San Francisco, CA

"Every time I need to get an issue straightened out with your customer service staff, the staff has been very courteous, professional, and above all else, accessible."
Byron - Reseda, CA

" Carte has saved me a lot of time with online banking at a minimal cost and with cheery customer service that is technology savvy."
Verdale - Antioch, CA

"The Carte card has been a great help managing my school funds, paying for classes and books, and giving the convenience of a debit card on a daily basis. I feel safer having the Carte debit card instead of cash."
Chris - Kent, WA

"I have my social security disability deposited on the Carte card and I can use it anywhere debit VISA Card is accepted so I don't have to carry cash."
Ryan - Owasso, CA

" Carte is the greatest. They offer excellent customer service, lots of deposit options, plus the security of not having a bunch of cash in your pocket... Carte has given me my financial freedom back."
Sarah - Napa, CA

"Now I can once again shop online or pay my bills over the phone."
Christine - Spencer, IA

Transferring Money Made Easy

Hman - Brockton, MA

"I like that I can get another Carte for my wife and kid, and transfer money from card to card, as well to our bank."





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