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Your Every Day Card
You can use your prepaid VISA® Card to
Purchase at millions of worldwide locations where VISA® is accepted :
(department stores, gas stations, grocery stores, hotel reservations, car rental, restaurants, retail stores, and places where cash is not accepted, such as, bill payments over the phone, mail catalog orders, over the phone). 29,000,000+ merchants accept VISA® cards worldwide.
Shop online at million of websites where VISA® cards are accepted without revealing your financial details :
Enjoy shopping online with confidence and safety of your personal financial data with privacy.
Access to cash Worldwide
Withdraw funds from your Prepaid VISA® Card any time you need at any ATM machine displaying the VISA® Card logo. Access your cash no matter where you are in the world. 1,500,000 ATM accept VISA® cards worldwide.
Real and low cost time international money transfer

Send and receive money in over the worldcountries worldwide for nearly free. Card to Card money transfers is much cheaper than traditional methods plus both the sender and the receiver will appreciate the ease of use, time saving and convenience, 24/7/365. The amount will be immediately transferred and you will both receive an SMS to confirm the transfer. This service is active 24/7/365.

Receive free SMS card status alerts
Have text messages sent directly to you regarding account activity. This is a FREE service to keep you informed and up to date regarding your Prepaid Card . Balance updates, transaction alerts, plus important messages and updates about your Card are all sent to your mobile phone for free.
Theprepaid visa card is a reloadable prepaid card, which means there is no interest, no overdraft or late payment fees. There is no risk of accumulating debt, and there are no credit checks or even a bank account required to get a card. With our card, you can only spend the money in your account.






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BIACASH Prepaid Visa Card is issued by BIA NIGER bank pursuant to license by VISA International,.
VISA is a registered trademark VISA International
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