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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ? How can I use it?
How can I apply
Is a debit or credit card?
Do I need to have an ID to use Prepaid VISA® Card?
When do I receive my card?
What do I need to do once I receive my card?
How do I load the ?
Can I use the card abroad?
On the back of there is a space for my signature, why?
What is the CVC2 code of the ? Where do I find it? What is it used for?
What is the PIN?
How can I prevent anyone from using my ?
Why does my card not work?
Can I use my frikipay credit card for Paypal verification process?
Do I need to pay any security deposit for any Prepaid VISA® Card?



What is ? How can I use it ?

Simply put a prepaid VISA® card is a International Banking Card without an associated bank account.

A cardholder can use it
- to purchase products and services both online and on the high street.
- to withdraw cash at an ATM at over a million places worldwide,
- to make a website transaction,
- to make a point-of-sale payment at 29 million locations around the world.

Prepaid cards make purchasing more convenient than cash or cheques whilst being protected by high standards of security. For businesses the cards provide fast cash disbursement, reduced fraud and risk, and a streamlined settlement process.

Companies also have a great deal of control over the prepaid cards they use, as unlike credit cards, the cardholder can spend only what has been loaded onto the card and the funds on the card can be reallocated instantly. It is the flexibility of prepaid cards that make them such an exciting product for businesses.

In addition, the has all the characteristics of an online current account and allows you to receive/issue money orders, pay your utility bills and also make money transfers in real time to other holders of .


Is a debit or credit card?

is in reality a pre-paid debit card, but has the characteristics that many associate to credit cards. The only exception is that the funds available depend on how much is left on the pre paid account… think of it like a pay-as-you-go mobile. You load money on to your and each time you use your card, the value of the purchase is deducted from the funds available. Therefore, you can only make purchases with your if you have sufficient funds available.


How long does it take to receive my prepaid VISA card ?

VISA card applications are normally prossessed within 24 hours and sent by registered mail (tracking number supplied). Expect the card to reach you in about 1-2 weeks depending on your country of residence. Additionally you can order courier delivery. In this case delivery will be faster.


Can I start using my prepaid VISA card right after receipt?

Once received, you need to :
1- Clearly sign it on the back in the box highlighted 'authorised signature'.
2- Request for activation : Logon to your account
3- Then fund your card.
Only then you can use your card. .


How do I recharge the ?

Log on to your Cardholder Area, then click on the "fund my card " tab and select select a funding options (credit/debit cards, bank transfer, postal order, Moneygram, some others e-currencies.

Can I use the Card abroad?

Yes. It is much easier and more comfortable then having to deal with foreign currencies. Your card is accepted anywhere VISA cards are accepted.


On the back of there is a space for my signature, why?

The holder must sign the Card as soon as they receive it. The signature is important because it is a requirement for identification reasons whenever the card is used for a POS transaction and therefore helps to prevent any illegal or unauthorized use.
Some shops etc may also ask the card user/holder to present some form of document to assist the identification.


What is the CVC2 code of the ? Where do I find it? What is it used for?

The CVC2 or CVV is a 3 digit security code that is printed on the back of the Card. It usually requested when buying online or over the telephone. Since this code is used to authorise online transactions it is important to keep it safe and to not disclose it to anyone.


What is the PIN CODE?

The PIN CODE is a secret numeric code composed of 4 digits and is needed for ATM services and cash withdrawals that show the VISA® circuit logo. The code is personal and must never be revealed to anyone since any withdrawals made with your card and with your PIN can never be disputed. To get your PIN CODE enter the reserved area and click on the GENERAL menu, then OPEN SERVICE CONTRACT and then click on "ATM PIN".

How can I prevent anyone from using my ?

There is a real time SMS notification service that informs you of all card transactions.


Why does my card not work?

Your card may not work for a number of different reasons:
- Your card has not been activated.
- Your card is damaged and the magnetic stripe or chip cannot be read.
- You no longer have any funds available on your card.
- The card has been blocked for security reasons.
- Your card has expired. Check the expiration date.


Do I need to pay any security deposit for any Prepaid VISA® Card?

No security deposit is required to use Prepaid VISA® Cards. You can utilize the entire amount that you transfer to this card.


Can I use my frikipay credit card for Paypal verification process?

Yes, you can verify your Paypal account using your Prepaid VISA Card.

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