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  Une carte visa pour tous
  Solutions pour la famille
  Solutions entreprises
  Solutions pour voyageurs
  Pour Interdits bancaires
  Pour étudiants
  Solutions pour expatriés
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A Visa Card for everyone

  1. No bank account required ( it is a solution for people without a bank account while still offering convenience and security).
  2. Easy to get one - No credit checks!
  3. No interest charges.
  4. No security deposits
  5. Acts like a virtual bank account, allowing you to deposit money safely yet with access to withdraw cash, spend it or transfer it 24/7.
  6. Available to young and old, students, retired or dependants where traditional credit cards are denied because of no fixed income.
  7. Secure and safe online shopping.
  8. Cheap and convenient way of transferring money to family and friends.
  9. Have ‘secondary’ cards (and more) associated and controlled by the primary card; ideal for families and small businesses to manage finances and expenses.
  10. Easy to recharge online or bank transfer, check, postal money order, an local payment systems in more than 120 countries
  11. Easy-to-verify online accounts (Paypal, EBay, etc.)
  12. Fast online statements
  13. Use as a back up to conventional credit cards.
  14. free SMS card status alerts
    Have text messages sent directly to you regarding account activity. This is a FREE service to keep you informed and up to date regarding your Prepaid Card . Balance updates, transaction alerts, plus important messages and updates about your Card are all sent to your mobile phone for free.
  15. No Overdraft or late payment fees. Theprepaid visa card is a reloadable prepaid card, which means there is no interest, no overdraft or late payment fees. There is no risk of accumulating debt, and there are no credit checks or even a bank account required to get a card. With our card, you can only spend the money in your account.





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