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  A Card for everyone
  For Family
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Children and at University or travelling abroad

  If your children are studying or traveling abroad give them a Card and save yourself the stress and hassle of giving and sending cash. It’s safer for them and easier for you to control. If they lose the card you can easily block it and simply order another card and then transfer the funds from the old card to the new one.
  With the Card parents can control and check their children’s spending while having the peace of mind that they can quickly send money to financially protect their children when away from home.

Carte Prepaid VISA cards are a powerful tool for both parents and teens. Parents may purchase a Prepaid Card for their teenager. Teens can then use this card wherever VISA cards are accepted. Parents may monitor the teen's transactions and spending. Parents can also reload this card with their teen's allowance or other spending money. It is a great way for teens to experience the flexibility of a network-branded card while learning financial responsibility.

  Prepaid VISA cards are safer than cash and provide a convenient and flexible way for Teens to enjoy the benefits of a Visa branded card.
  • 100% safe. 100% secure
  • No overdraft fees. Ever!
  • No credit. No Debt. No interest. 
  • Online & phone reloadable
  • Over 35 parental control features
  • Access to over 29 million merchants and 1,5 million ATM's worldwide
  • Commerce easier and more secure between all parties involved






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BIACASH Prepaid Visa Card is issued by BIA NIGER bank pursuant to license by VISA International,.
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