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A perfect, cost-effective, secure, and convenient solution
for business owners and theirs employees / affiliates

The Carte Prepaid Visa Card Payroll platform is a perfect, cost-effective, secure and convenient solution for Business Owners and their Employees.

Companies that employ the non-banking and or off-site consultants/sales people or operate web based affiliate/webmaster programs currently have to deal with many payroll obstacles. But with the Carte Prepaid Visa Card Payroll scheme you can now reduce all of these problems associated to handling cash, transfers, cheques and other cumbersome payment systems to just a few clicks!
  Not only does the Carte Prepaid Visa Card Payroll Scheme reduce cost for the employer while saving time and resources in managing payments, it also makes the employer money on the money paid to staff - every time they use the card! Further, with a company branded card there is improved brand awareness and continuous free advertising every time the card is used."
For employer
The Payroll Scheme helps the employer by:

- Decreasing overhead costs and resources associated with the distribution of checks, cash or other money transfer services.

- Helps reduce chances of lost or stolen money or fraudulent behavior.

- Manage staff costs and expenses more efficiently saving time and resources on reimbursing.

- Card recharges done in real time, allowing you to keep your money in your account for longer.

For the employees
It is more convenient for the employee, no check-cashing fees and funds are held safely and securely on a globally recognized credit card that can be used in shops or ATM’s everywhere.

Employees get the funds in real time and have access to their balance online, as well as many additional convenient services like money transfers.





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