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Our Prepaid ATM/Debit Card is a re-loadable card that works just like a regular ATM/DEBIT Card - but it's prepaid... It's usable worldwide, and allows you to make purchases and manage your money with ease. Accepted everywhere Debit VISA Card is accepted, the Prepaid VISA Card is... A Card For Everyone

100% Guaranteed Approval * -NO credit check , NO Bank Account Needed, NO Job Verification, The only requirement for a Prepaid VISA Card is valid identification. That's it. Apply today for the best prepaid card available today!

Accepted Worldwide -The Prepaid VISA Card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide. You can make purchases at retailers, gas stations, reataurants, over the Internet, over the telephone, and from catalogs at anytime. You can use it to make reservations for hotels, rental cars and more.

Get Your Cash -The Prepaid VISA Card is accepted at over 1.5 million ATMs worldwide. Accessing your cash through an ATM is easy

Value transferts There is a new, a faster, easier and less costly way to get money to someone anywhere in the world. Purchase two PREPAID VISA cards, keep one and send the other to a family member, friend, or business associate. Load value to one card and then transfer funds to the second card. The funds transferred, as well as the remaining funds on the first card, are almost immediately for ATM withdrawal or point-of-sale purchase.

Prepaid VISA Card gives you financial freedom without the hassles. You cannot be declined nor cancelled.* There are no negative balance fees or interest charges. You are free to make purchases when and where VISA debit cards are accepted.

Add Money to Your Card - You must add money to your card account before you can use your card. There are many convenient and simple ways to add money to your Prepaid VISA Card .

Are you tired of waiting for your check and high check cashing fees? Are you tired of limited shopping privileges? No more






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BIACASH Prepaid Visa Card is issued by BIA NIGER bank pursuant to license by VISA International,.
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